Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sample Legal Descriptions

The following list provides samples of the most common methods used to describe real estate.
Most legal descriptions use one of these methods or a combination.

1. Lot and/or Block within an Existing Subdivision - When a parcel of land lies within an
existing platted subdivision, the legal description is usually short and straightforward because
the dimensions bounding the parcel should be presented on the subdivision plat. This is often
the case in developed areas, such as within cities or towns.

2. Township and Range System - This method of describing real estate is based on dividing
up land into different sections. A parcel is generally identified by its section, township, and

3. Metes and Bounds - The metes and bounds method begins at a starting point and then
methodically plots the boundary for the real estate using directional and distance instructions.

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