Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Do I Form A Business Entity?

Choose a business name. An important step will be to select the name for your business. In general, the name of your business entity must specify the type of business entity you are forming. For example, a corporation must end with the words "Incorporated", "Corporation", "Company", "Inc.", "Corp." or "Co."

There are similar requirements for limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. Because there are slight variations state by state, it is best to check your state law before selecting a name or refer to your We The People workbook which will provide you the acceptable options for your state of formation. Once you have formed your entity, your business name may be protected in the state your entity is formed, and if you expect to be doing business out of state, you may consider filing a trademark at some point (By The People may be able to assist you with the trademark).

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